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DuPage County Commercial Real Estate Lawyers

When you're buying, selling, or investing in property in DuPage County, you want to ensure you get what you ask for and your assets are protected. Our DuPage County commercial real estate lawyers will ensure your real estate transaction in DuPage County and throughout Illinois are handled efficiently, effectively and protect your interests.

Commercial Real Estate Services in DuPage County

If you're leasing space to tenants, you want to have an airtight commercial lease agreement between you and your tenants that protects your real estate assets and finances. The commercial lease lawyers at Zara Law Group ensure your lease and tenant agreements are fair, lawful, but give you peace of mind knowing you and your property are protected.

Commercial real estate lawyer in DuPage County

Commercial Real Estate Purchases in DuPage County

There a are a number of factors that can contribute to a healthy real estate transaction. These include price & terms, but more granular are stipulations in tenant agreements, property disclosures, and tax obligations among many other considerations. Our commercial real estate sales attorneys ensure your investment is protected while ensuring your real estate transaction goes smoothly.

Commercial Real estate attorneys in Dupage county

Tenant Agreements in DuPage County

Our DuPage County commercial real estate lawyers ensure your lease or tenant agreement created, reviewed and implemented, our DuPage County commercial lease and tenant attorneys will ensure your real estate agreement gets implemented effectively and efficiently.

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Commercial Tenant Disputes in DuPage County

Commercial real estate disputes can often times be solved outside of the courtroom. The commercial tenant dispute lawyers at Zara Law Group know that these matters can be complex and can result in a cost of time and money. When negotiating a commercial lease, contract, sale, or development of a property, it's important to have an experienced real estate lawyer represent you during the transaction to ensure you don't have future disputes from things that may have been overlooked.

commercial real estate litigation

Evictions & Debt Collection Services in DuPage County

Our DuPage County commercial real estate eviction and debt collection attorneys assist in your efforts to collect unpaid lease and rental agreements and in the event you have a tenant situation you need to find a way to solve the issues the tenant is presenting you, contact the eviction attorneys at Zara Law Group for help in determining the best solution for you.

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  • DuPage County Bankruptcy Attorneys
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    We offer free in person, phone & virtual consultations. We give you the flexibility to learn about us, while learning how we can help you with your legal needs.

  • DuPage County Traffic Attorneys

    Our attorneys have experience in every area of law and have assisted many clients with their real estate, business, bankruptcy, immigration, probate & family law needs.

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    Our attorneys will help you take the time & expense out of your personal & business legal matters. Our goal is to help save you time and money getting it right, the first time.

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Real Estate Legal Services in Downers Grove

Whether you're buying or selling Downers Grove residential, commercial or wholesale real estate, you need an experienced real estate attorney to ensure your interests and your investment is protected. Our Downers Grove real estate attorneys quickly handle your contract, closing, contract litigation and every other real estate need. Contact us today for free consultation with our Downers Grove real estate lawyers to learn how we quickly accomplish your legal goals.

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Experienced & Professional Attorneys in DuPage County

Corporate Services

Our corporate attorneys gave experience in all business sectors to fulfill your corporate needs from accounting, employee agreements and contracts to sales training and buying & selling opportunities. Get the best attorneys for your corporate goals.

DuPage County Corporate & Commercial Real Estate Lawyers

Experienced Legal Services

We have attorneys in Woodridge and a network of attorneys across Illinois and the country that can handle most business & personal needs from family & estate law to business, real estate & civil matters. Our attorneys are efficient, affordable and effective.

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Real Estate Services

From family homes to multi-million dollar luxury homes & corporate headquarters, our real estate attorneys will handle your real estate needs and get you the best terms on your real estate purchase, tenant agreement or rental contract.

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Naperville FSBO Real Estate Attorney
Rizz Baig

Zohaib Ali was representing me for a property sale and did a fabulous job in helping me close a property sale. Zohaib maintained exemplary professionalism dealing with an extremely complicated loan process. He had to participate in multiple meetings with the buyer's attorney and the overall process took excruciatingly long to complete but he held on and ensured the deal went thru. Thank you Zohaib... would be happy to make recommendations for your law firm and looking forward to working with you on other deals.

Naperville FSBO Real Estate Lawyers

Cook County Residential Real Estate Attorneys
Patricia Jamrozowicz

I've known Zohaib for almost 2 years now! He's an amazing real estate attorney as he is patient with clients, detail oriented, know's how to mitigate risks during the buyer or seller transaction and what to watch out for. He's also helped my fiance and I close on our home a few months ago. I represent both sellers and buyers as a Realtor and I continue to be impressed with Zohaib's quick responsiveness to not only my clients, but also to me as a Realtor. He keeps both my clients and I in the loop on all emails communication throughout the transaction, which from experience I can tell you is rare among real estate attorney's. He's wonderful with first time home buyers and your experienced buyer or seller. My first time home buyers love that he breaks down his process from A-Z. My clients and I feel like we can call him at any time of day and he will answer right away or get back to you within the hour! I highly recommend Zohaib for all your real estate needs and will continue referring my buyer and seller clients to him.

Cook County Residential Real Estate Lawyers

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