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Are You Planning on Selling Your Home?

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Homebuyers often make the mistake of waiting until they hire a real estate agent before getting the process started. Not only can you get started before finding an agent, or deciding to sell your home FSBO, you should take care of several preliminary to-dos as soon as possible. There are certain things your agent, or you if you choose to sell FSBO, needs to know before listing your house or helping you find the home of your dreams. So today, Zara Law Group has the following suggestions and resources to help you navigate the process.

Are You Prepared to Move?

If you list your home too soon, you essentially have a countdown timer started that rushes your new home search. While contingency sales are fairly common, these need to be stated up front upon listing your home.

Most sellers have an idea of where they would like to move, but don't do initial research into the area they want to live in. Waiting until you're ready to sell to do research into your next home can put you and your family at a disadvantage. While most buyers enter the market with some idea of where they want to live and what kind of house they want to live in. If you’re not sure, visit open houses in your areas of interest to see what’s available and how they’re priced. You may find that the neighborhood you always longed for isn’t the right place for you, either financially or because it’s not close enough to amenities that are important to you. The key is to be ready once you’ve found an agent.

Doing Market Research Before You Plan on Selling

As a seller, you should know what other homes are going for in your area, particularly those that are comparable to your own. Go online to check out real estate listings and take a look at what other sellers in your neighborhood are doing to spruce up their curb appeal. You never know when or where you could pick up some valuable pointers. 

Should You Make Home Improvements if You're Close to Selling Your Home?

If you’re selling, remember that decluttering, cleaning, and simple upgrades are one thing — paying for pricey renovations is quite different and something you should talk to an agent about first. So if you’re wondering whether to invest in a specific upgrade before or after seeking out an agent, odds are, the sale price won’t cover home improvement costs. You probably won’t get the return on investment you’d need to cover the cost of a major upgrade. An agent can steer you in the right direction when it comes to increasing the value of your home. 

When Working With a Realtor

These days, with more and more homebuyers going online to look for homes, if you choose to work with a realtor, they  ideally should have a handle on digital marketing.

Aside from posting on the right social media platforms and making use of online ads, the use of hashtags makes it so much easier for seekers to find your listing. There are about 200 top hashtags that are commonly used by realtors and real estate platforms so do your research on which ones work best for your listing.

Keep in mind that you can do things that help supplement your realtor’s efforts on social media. For example, you can use a free logo design template to create graphics to use in the photos you share with friends on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Just make sure you keep all of the content you share professional.

Whether you’re buying or selling, preparation is key – but be careful to seek the advice of a realtor before making decisions that’ll directly affect your fortunes. Have your finances in line and know your debt level, credit score, and mortgage status before proceeding. An agent will steer you in the right direction once you know where you want to look.

Selling Your Home FSBO

Selling your home For Sale by Owner is a great way to potentially sell your home while saving thousands of dollars. However, if you plan on selling your home FSBO, you need an experienced attorney that knows the entire process and protects you through every phase of the transaction.

Help With the Home Selling Process

While you may choose to work with a real estate agent to purchase your new home, the process of selling your home FSBO can be a lucrative opportunity to home sellers. If you're thinking about selling your home FSBO, Zara Law Group offers free consultations to give you a better understanding of the process, expectations and what we can accomplish for you to save you money when selling your home through a real estate agent or FSBO.

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Zara Law Group has a long standing history of excellence in successful real estate closings. Real estate closings can be stressful for those who aren't properly prepared. Our attorneys know real estate law and focus on the clients wants and needs. Call 708-365-8411.

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